About Cathy’s Critter Cleaners

Cathy’s Critter Cleaners is the leading mobile pet grooming spa in Los Angeles. Our professional staff, state-of-the art mobile spas and years of experience combine to give unmatched results which will soothe and nurture your pet.

Family owned since 1975

Cathy’s Critter Cleaners is a family-owned and operated business since 1975. We have years of grooming experience that we entrust to our groomers, and we continually review our products and equipment to ensure we offer the best quality experience available.

The discerning pet-lovers choice

Cathy’s Critter Cleaners customers rebook time and again – and tell us they’d never choose a different grooming service!

Our groomers show discretion and respect that you have allowed them onto your property – a level of professionalism that makes Cathy’s Critter Cleaners the prefered choice for celebrity clients.


We take our clients’ privacy seriously and respect that you’re welcoming us to your home. This discretion makes Cathy's Critter Cleaners a favorite among celebrities and the Hollywood greats.


Cathy's Critter Cleaners highly skilled groomers indulge your pet with the quality experience they deserve. After being groomed in our luxury mobile spa, your pet will look and feel fabulous!

Safe and convenient

Cathy’s Critter Cleaners brings a luxury spa experience directly to your pet, in our state-of-the art mobile pet grooming vans.  You can trust our trained and professional groomers to keep your pet safe. Cathy’s Critter Cleaners’ decades of experience will help you keep your pet in optimum health.