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Frequently asked questions


How often should my pet be groomed?

In order to keep your dog in his or her best health, we recommend grooming every 3-5 weeks. If your pet retains odor, mats easily or sheds excessively, move the schedule up one week.

Does frequent bathing dry out the skin and coat?

No, frequent bathing can actually improve the condition of your pet’s skin and coat.

Which critters do you groom?

Cathy’s Critter Cleaners luxury spa isn’t just for cats and dogs. Our staff is trained to groom a range of critters – rabbits, guinea pigs and even a goat!

What about ear infections?

Pets often suffer from ear infections after bathing but this can be avoided easily with the care taken by professional groomers.

Our groomers are careful to avoid getting excess water in the pet’s ear, always checking for excess hair in the ear and pluck it if beneficial. Cathy’s groomers then finish with a drying ear cleaner to ensure proper ear health.

De-matting your pet

It’s important to prevent matted hair, as matts often masks skin lesions, irritated skin or other rashes. We recommend regular grooming to avoid matting, or styling the hair short and manageable.

Cathy’s Critter Cleaners groomers do not de-matt pets because it is cruel, unkind and can be very painful. It also ruins the hair and causes more matting in the future. Instead, we cut out or shave the matted hair, then style your pet so they look and feel great.

More Questions?

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